After Midnight – ab 16.7. im Kino + Virtual Cinema!


Indie-Horror-Beziehungsfilm von den Machern von THE ENDLESS und THE BATTERY

OT: After Midnight - USA 2019, R: Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella

Mit Jeremy Gardner, Brea Grant, Justin Benson - 83 min. - Englisch OV/OmU

»Einzigartige Kombination aus Liebesfilm und Horror-Mystery mit grossartigen Dialogen.« (Ziprett)

»Part creature feature, part romance, After Midnight somehow manages to combine its disparate ingredients and come up with something special.« (Rotten Tomatoes, 83%)

»In a season filled with age-old Grudges and evil Boys, a poignant study of heartbreak, viewed through the prism of a creature feature, is a welcome surprise.« (Film Threat)

»To Gardner's great credit, After Midnight succeeds as both a sweet romantic drama rooted in real-life experience and a tense creature feature with more than a few well-timed jumps.« (Wicked Horror)

 Ab 14.5. als Virtual Cinema, ab 16.7. in ausgewählten Kinos!